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Your Success Is Our Motivation

Your Success Is Our Motivation

We built our Flagship with a single goal in mind: to help those who need it most.

Assisting others is not only our calling but what drives us daily to learn more, do more, and be the best in the business.

We humbly invite you to explore our clients' stories and hope to discuss your financial goals soon.

Real stories from real people, just like you.

"Scott, Jeff, and Aubrey always go the extra mile. They always respond to my questions on a timely basis.  Even on weekends. They have diligently and patiently explained recommended changes to my portfolio as I have grown older and have different objectives. I am very impressed with the technical analysis tools they use. Second to none! And they are honestly good people. With a good sense of humor. I don't feel like some anonymous client. But like a friend. They are interested in my life and show genuine care. Count on all of them to be there for you to be there for both stressful and happy times. I trust their advice and treasure their friendship. I strongly recommend them. You will be glad you set up a time to chat and meet."

- John B, Client

"Somewhere around 2014, I had a serious conversation with my financial advisor of over 20 years. He was the only financial advisor I had ever had. He was recommended to me by a family friend. He was with UBS in the final years and he was a commission-based advisor for all of our 20 years together. We were somewhat friends, and played golf occasionally. The serious conversation occurred when he told me that corporate guidance indicated that he was mandated to increase his management fee to me to a level I found untenable. 

After 20 years, I told him I would be moving on. I listened to talk radio and found this Saturday morning show called “The Mutual Fund Store” to be 100% consistent with my view of what financial advice should be about. They spoke about this term “Fiduciary.” So, I looked online and saw that there was an MFS office in Brentwood. I called and made an appointment and met with Jeff. He explained everything about how our relationship would be going forward. I was a bit irritated by how my previous advisor of 20 years advised me of a new commission rate that said to me they didn’t want to partner with me anymore. 

So the management fee conversation came up between me and Jeff. I told him the management fee I was seeking, based on my knowledge of how the MFS worked. He said, “Yes, that’s how we work here.” Within a week I had the assets transferred. Have been happy ever since. I’ve introduced family members to FFA and they are now happy clients as well."

- John H, Client

"2019 my wife and I decided we needed to start utilizing a professional fiduciary to manage our retirement savings. We interviewed multiple companies and were most impressed with Scott Buell and Flagship Financial. Since joining Flagship, we have not been disappointed. Scott has always been available when we have questions and has been extremely helpful guiding our choices as we prepare for our retirement."

- Stuart T, Client

"Our Flagship relationship has been great.  You are always responsive, and we have developed a solid confidence in you.  We appreciate the not-too-big but not-too small size of your organization and how it keeps all of us knowing each other.  The celebration events during the year are fun and a refreshing opportunity for social engagement with you and your other clients.  And it's appreciated how you acknowledge our life events along the way!"

- Ed P, Client

"Jeff and Scott have been managing my retirement money since 2012.  They are very easy to work with and have manages to keep my money safe and increasing even in some rough times in the market.  I would highly recommend this group of people very much!!!"

- Carol R, Client

"The FLAGSHIP PERSONNEL are always ready to respond to any issue or question that I may have whether it is via a phone call or a personal meeting. I have been with multiple Financial Institutes over the years and none of them in my opinion stood up to the advise and service I get from Flagship Financial.  My relationship and experience especially with Scott Buell is close to 20 years and he is always willing to listen to what I have to say and try to accommodate my Investment Mix wishes.  A Financial Organization I can trust."    

- Sam P, Client

"We have had a great experience working with Flagship as we begin our retirement. Jeff has been so helpful and available to answer all our questions."

- Cindy B, Client

"I want to share with you in writing what I have discussed with you personally. When looking for financial advisors, I interviewed many well-regarded companies. My criteria was simple. I wanted a fairly custom approach, meaning that, after an excellent interview, my financial strategies would not be outsourced to someone who didn’t know me at all or my objectives. I wanted realistic, projected outcomes that took into consideration as many variables as possible…because life does happen. I wanted smart advisers, who have a track record of success, who are accessible, responsive, and pleasant to work with. 

I found all that with Flagship. I appreciated the opportunity to meet other Flagship clients. I never feel like a “number” with you or your staff, and I feel confident that my finances are handled with excellence."

- L. K, Client

"I have great respect for the way Scot has handled my investment.  I have been with him for many years now.  He is always ready to answer my questions and helps me to understand the risks involved and always helps me protect my investment while offering the best growth opportunities."

- Shelia P, Client

"One of the things I like most about Flagship Financial is the fact that it takes away any worries I have about the stock market. If the market goes up that, is good, if the market goes down that is good, I know Flagship Financial has positioned my portfolio in the best possible way.

Another thing I like about Flagship Financial is I know if I pass before my wife she can count on Flagship Financial to give her good advice about a retirement plan."

- Paul D, Client

"Scott and Jeff have been handling my investments for several years and I’m extremely happy with their performance.  These guys know the business and take care of all the details.  I highly recommend their services."

- Jim G, Client

"I've known the good people at Flagship Financial for about 4 years.  When I retired, I interviewed 6 potential financial advisors - the people that would go on to form Flagship were the most outstanding.  I decided to go-it-alone until a little over a year ago, when I didn't hesitate to entrust them with my retirement portfolio.  

All of the members are well-informed, motivated to help, and accessible.  They have provided sage advice on other matters not directly related to my retirement.

I don't hesitate to recommend them."

- John W, MD, Client

"After several years of marginal performance with my advisor and coupled with my friends telling me how great their portfolios were doing, I decided it was time for me to do a "deep dive" and evaluate our current portfolio health. What I found forced me to spend several months evaluating advisor alternatives. When comparing several companies Scott was the lone survivor. He delivered a comprehensive plan that my wife and I could understand and track. We remain committed to Scott and Flagship due to their continuing commitment to evaluating market changes and acting accordingly. Trust is the single most important attribute we consider when dealing with our financial well being and Scott continues to meet and exceed this criteria."

- Harold F, Client

"Ginger and I have been with Flagship Financial since the end of 2015. We've been through some name changes and market up's and down's. We are pleased to recommend Scott, Jeff, and Aubrey for those seeking financial advice as well as help with many other of life's challenges. Over the past 8 years, we have faced different market scenarios and have come through them with the best possible outcome each time. Knowledge, attention to detail, and prompt service is really what makes Flagship Financial so special."

- Tim & Ginger T, Client

"Scott and Jeff from Flagship Financial have made our financial retirement effortless.  When we first met over 20 years ago, they were so helpful in maximizing our contributions to our retirement plans and they coached us through the stock downturn in 2008.  After our retirement in 2011, they have really kept us abreast of our accounts and market changes.  We have total confidence in them and give them a heartfelt recommendation.  Of course, we also have to say that Aubrey has been stellar as well."

- Pat & Mike R, Client

"I have been with Scott and his team for over five years. They instill confidence by monitoring my accounts, keeping me informed, and are always accessible!  I highly recommend them!"

- Joesph B, Client

"I have trusted and depended on this TEAM for 13 years. They have demonstrated superior professionalism, attention, to detail, their knowledge and experience has been outstanding. I firmly believe that attitude, change, teamwork and priorities all effect the mission. Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a department… it’s an attitude."

- Jimmy E, Client

"I have had great customer service and support from Scott, Jeff, and Aubrey.

Always available and accommodating, good listeners, willing to think outside the box for me to apply to my situation, quick responses, turn around on requests are timely and accurate.  great advice for the future that is applicable to the customer.  Great friends who care about you and willing to go above and beyond for you.  Very personal and yes, we can laugh about life we live!!"

- Gregory T, Client

"My wife and I have entrusted the management of our retirement investments to Scott and Jeff for many years. They have always given us sound advice and have managed our account will skill and insight to meet both our needs and the financial markets over time. A very important aspect of this relationship has been the caring and personal bond we have enjoyed with them and their staff."

- Gabi & Rob H, Client

"Jan and I have been very satisfied with the Flagship Team in their focus and direct prompt information as we entered a new phase of our financial management life.  The team led by Scott Buell listened to our focus, interest, and objectives for the future and have crafted investments that will yield the results we desire.  The team has been aggressive in assisting in the transfer of our previous investments into accounts that they can maintain visibility and keep us advised of status and alterations if needed. We would recommend the Flagship Team to anyone needing or wanting professional financial assistance."

- Charles & Janelle F, Client

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