Our Financial Planning Philosophy

1. Life is unpredictable in duration and results. Have fun every day. Do the right thing each day. Be a decent human being.

2. Numbers are interesting. Decisions are impactful. Decisions do not get made on the numbers. They get made on what is important to you. The numbers are simply one factor in your decision.

3. If we are going to provide great advice, we need to understand what you care about, what drives you, what is really important.

4. Your plan will change. Often. Almost nothing in life is static.

5. We will make mistakes. When we do, we will be accountable and fix them.

6. We want you to focus on what you do best. We take care of the financial things you either do not wish to or do not have time to do.

7. We have to be trustable. We earn that by consistently doing what we say we will do.

8. It is our job, no matter how unpleasant and no matter the potential impact on our business relationship, to tell you that something you want to do is likely to have a poor outcome when measured against what you have told us you want.

9. Every person is different. Therefore, every plan is unique.

10. The planning and execution processes are what matter in achieving your outcomes. They are repeatable. We iterate through them at least annually.

11. Because many clients ask us to manage their investments, we have to be competent at investment management. This, however, is not the crux of your plan. Achieving your goals is.

12. We intend to do anything we can do, within our capabilities and expertise, such that you achieve your desired outcome.

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