Jonathan  Ferris MBA

Jonathan Ferris MBA

Senior Analyst - Investment Analytics

Jonathan is a skilled and dedicated research analyst with a passion for uncovering valuable insights and providing strategic guidance to Flagship Financial Advisors. With an unwavering curiosity and attention to detail, Jonathan delves deep into the world of data and information to extract meaningful patterns and trends.

Armed with an MBA from Southern Methodist University, Jonathan possesses a solid academic foundation that complements his extensive professional experience. He has honed his analytical skill through years of working in various industries, including finance, and education.

As a research analyst, Jonathan thrives on the thrill of exploring complex datasets and transforming them into actionable intelligence. His experience lies in conducting thorough market research, performing comprehensive analysis, and evaluating industry trends. Armed with statistical tools and methodologies, Jonathan has a knack for distilling complex information into clear and concise reports that drive Flagships informed decision-making.

Jonathan's analytical skills are complemented by his ability to think critically and approach problems from multiple angles. 

Jonathan married his high school sweetheart, Madison, in 2016 and are the loving parents to an adopted shelter dog. He and Madison consider themselves “foodies” and enjoy traveling to destinations with unique food offerings.